X might be trying to sell off discarded handles for $50,000


Ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, he has made a lot of effort to try and raise money for the platform, launching features like X Premium that gave users that coveted blue tick, and recently it was confirmed that X is now testing out the idea of charging users a basic subscription fee just to use its platform.

But it seems that Musk might have another idea and that is to sell off discarded handles. According to a report from Forbes, they cite emails from a team inside X where they are working on creating a marketplace where old and discarded Twitter handles can be purchased.

The team has also reportedly reached out to potential buyers via email where they are selling some handles for as much as $50,000. Similar to domain names, user handles on social media can be valuable, especially for high profile individuals or brands who want a clean and easily-identifiable username.

This is why some people cybersquat on domain names in hopes that interested individuals or companies might try to buy it off them for a large sum of money. In X’s case, they are relying on users who no longer use those handles or have deleted their accounts in hopes that other parties might be keen on using those handles.

Source: Forbes

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