Google’s Pixel 8 isn’t holding onto its value as well as we would have hoped


For those who tend to upgrade their phones every year or every couple of years, one of the things you can do to minimize your losses is to sell off your old phone and use that money towards your new phone.

Unfortunately for Pixel 8 owners, it seems that the value of your phone isn’t holding up quite as well as you might like. This is according to data from SellCell who found that the Pixel 8 has depreciated by 63.7% after 10 days of its release. To give you some comparison, other devices like the iPhone 15 only depreciated by 29.4% in the 10 days following its release.

While this doesn’t look good for those who are hoping to sell their Pixel 8 phones further down the line, maybe they discover they don’t like using the phone or they want something else, it is good news for those who don’t mind buying the phone secondhand since it appears that it won’t be able to command as good a price as other brands.

Of course, if you’re not the type that buys and sells phones and you plan to keep your Pixel 8 for the foreseeable future, then this probably doesn’t really matter too much. Google will be offering considerably long support for the Pixel 8 in terms of Android updates and security patches, so it could be worth holding onto it in the long-run.

Source: PhoneArena

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