Google is Looking into Android 14’s Storage Error Bug, Apologizes to Users


After multiple user complaints regarding a software bug that has affected a number of Google Pixel users with the Android 14 update, it looks like Google is now working towards a fix for the error, which has rendered a ton of Pixel phones unusable. The company acknowledged the issue via Google’s official support page:

We are aware of an issue occurring on some Pixel devices (Pixel 6 and later models) that have both received the Android 14 update and have multiple users (other than the primary user) set up. Multiple users include users, guests, restricted profiles, and child users.

However, it does not include having more than one Google account within the primary user or work profiles.

The issue was first noted by Pixel 6 series users who ran into a critical storage error, in which their device sends a persistent “storage is full” warning, despite their phone still having a considerable amount of free storage left. Other users have reported that their phone was unable to get past the “Pixel is starting” screen when booting up their device. As mentioned in the statement, the issue has affected devices which have multiple profiles registered.

This has rendered a lot of devices virtually unusable, as any new downloaded files, saved images and such weren’t saved on their device – at the moment, the only way to get rid of the bug at the moment is via a factory reset. With that being said, Google says that it has released a Play System Update for the meantime.

We’re continuing to work on fixes for impacted devices, and have already pushed out a Google Play system update that will help prevent this issue from being triggered on additional devices… We’re sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, and we appreciate your patience.

Additionally, it also looks like Google has temporarily pulled the Android 14 update, with several users unable to access the Android 14 prompt on their Pixel phones.

Source: Google

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