Galaxy Z Flip 5 Retro Edition brings back a classic colorway if you are old enough to remember


We heard rumors that Samsung was working on a new color variant for the Galaxy Z Flip 5 called the “Retro Edition”. For those curious about the phone, it has since been officially launched but unfortunately, it will only be available in South Korea, the UK, Germany, Spain, Australia, and France.

As for what makes this the “Retro Edition”, it turns out the colorway was not inspired by the Galaxy S3 as we previously thought. Instead, it is an homage to the Samsung SGH-E700 that was launched way, way back in 2003, a good two decades ago.

For those who are old enough to remember the handset, this is indeed one of Samsung’s classics and a phone that I actually personally owned back in the day. It was one of the first few phones from back then that came with a built-in camera, and also software features that allowed users to capture photos and animate them.

These days these types of features are almost a given, but back then it was kind of groundbreaking. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Retro Edition will come with three Flipsuit cards that feature different Samsung logos throughout the years, a Flipsuit case, and a collector card engraved with a unique serial number.

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