A Number of iPhone Users are Complaining about Display Issues


“They don’t make em like they used to” is a popular phrase usually heard between discerning buyers, and it’s something that we’ve been seeing more of when talking about Apple’s newest iPhone 15 series. While the company was able to address overheating and battery complaints earlier this month, it looks like a new problem is affecting owners of certain iPhone 15 models.

More specifically, a number of iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max users have complained that their phones have sustained screen burn-in early into their device’s life. An example of this can be seen on an iPhone 15 Pro Max below, as shown in a photo uploaded by Reddit user KBrod.

Photo by u/KBrod

This photo is only one example of several posts showing app icons as well as system icons permanently burned into the iPhone’s display. While some argue that users are instead complaining about image retention, it should be noted that image retention is temporary, with images disappearing from the display after some time. Additionally, burn-in on OLED displays usually happen over a long period of time with a continuous high screen brightness setting.

Either way, this new issue doesn’t bode well for Apple, whose much-hyped iPhone 15 series has had a rocky launch due to issues surrounding build quality and overheating issues, although the company has fixed the latter via a software update. Apple has yet to comment on the burn-in issue.

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