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Anker Solix F3800: the ultimate home power backup system


Anker is a name that most of you might be familiar with. The company started out creating mobile accessories like cables, chargers, and power banks, but these days, they have branched out into power stations, which are essentially like massive power banks that have enough power and juice to keep the lights on in your home.

If you’re looking for a home backup system, then you might be interested to learn that Anker has launched the Solix F3800 power station on Kickstarter where if you back the project before it ends, you might be able to get up to 45% off its retail price. So, is the Anker Solix F3800 the power station for you? Read on to find out!

Portable design

The Solix F3800 is being positioned as a home backup system. Usually when it comes to power stations, there are systems that are designed to be portable to be brought on the road and can fit into the trunk of a car, but then there are also systems that are designed to be left in their place to keep the lights on at home.

With home backup systems, these devices can be large and mostly unmovable, but that’s not the case with the Solix F3800. With this power station, Anker has thoughtfully added a set of wheels to the device. This means that not only does the Solix F3800 have enough juice to power everything in your home (more on that later), but it can also be easily wheeled around.

This could be useful if you don’t need to power your entire home at the moment and might only need to charge something in a different part of your home, and with the wheels, you can easily bring it with you wherever you need to.

Anker has also equipped the Solix F3800 with a built-in display so you have more information about remaining battery life, how much energy is being put out, connected devices, and more. It also features the use of a LiFePO4 battery that is regarded as being safer and longer-lasting compared to lithium-ion batteries, thus allowing you to use it for years on end without worrying about it losing too much of its charge.

Overall, the Anker Solix F3800 is a stylish and practical power station with thoughtful design features that allows it to act as both a home backup system and a portable power solution if necessary.

Power anything you want

Given that our homes generally have more demanding appliances and gadgets, it makes sense that the Solix F3800 is capable of powering pretty much anything that we throw at it. According to Anker, the power station is capable of putting out anywhere between 6,000W to 12,000W of power. What does this mean for the end-user? Basically it means that it can power simple gadgets like your phone, tablet, or laptop, but at the same time if necessary, it has enough juice to power your home’s central air-conditioning system, a coffee maker, a bread maker, a pool pump, a fridge, and a microwave, just to name a few things.

The Solix F3800 also supports 120V/240V dual voltage, meaning that you can plug in things that might require 240V, and then use the other plug to connect appliances that might not require as much juice. We live the versatility offered here as some home backup systems don’t offer as much power, instead choosing to focus more on the basics. At least here you have the option of powering whatever you deem necessary.

In fact, if you happen to own an EV, the Anker Solix F3800 can actually charge your car. Just plug your car’s charging cable into the F3800’s NEMA 14-50 port and you can start charging your car at 6,000W if you need to go anywhere.

Expandable design

Similar to other home backup systems, the Anker Solix F3800 is a modular system. By itself, the built-in 3.8kWh battery is rated to last you about a day’s use. This should be good enough for some, but at the same time, if you need extra battery in the event that a blackout has been extended, you can add up to 12 additional battery packs for a total of 53.8kWh of capacity.

How long will this last you? According to Anker, this setup is rated to last users up to a whopping 2 weeks, which is honestly pretty insane and if the power isn’t restored in your area by then, you probably have bigger things to worry about.

But even if that is the case, don’t fret because the Solix F3800 comes with different options for charging it. You could charge it the regular way by plugging it into a wall outlet, but that’s assuming you still have access to the grid’s electricity. In the event you don’t, the F3800 also supports solar charging where using compatible solar panels, you can expect to fully recharge the power station in about 2 hours.

Quiet and easy to install

Another reason you might want to consider Anker’s Solix F3800 as your home backup system instead of a gas-powered generator is that it is quiet. It runs at around 45dB, plus the fact that it doesn’t require gas means that there are no toxic fumes emitted from it during its operation, allowing you to enjoy clean and green energy. It also makes it safe to be used indoors.

While one of the selling points of the F3800 is its portability, if you want to use it as a pure home backup system, installing it is a piece of cake. Anker claims that it only requires one electrician to come and install it for you and it takes about an hour to set it up. This is versus other home backup systems that are more complicated and will cost you more money, more professional help, and also a longer installation time.

Users will also be able to hook the F3800 into their home’s power system where in the event of a blackout, it will automatically send power to devices connected to the backup loads, so if you have any gadgets or appliances that are important and need to stay on, you can connect them to the backup loads to ensure that they’ll continue to receive power.

Pricing & availability

If you think that the Anker Solix F3800 is the home backup system for you, Anker is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for its production. To make the deal even sweeter, the company is also offering massive discounts to its backers. This includes a discount of 35% for just the Solix F3800 system which will be priced at $2,599 after the discount.

There will also be bundles which includes the F3800 and two Home Power Kits priced at $5,949 following its 35% discount, so depending on your needs, you should be able to find something that suits you best.

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