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DEAL: Eufy Prime Day deals make protecting your home cheaper than ever!


Getting a security camera for your home is one of the best ways to deter robbers who might be worried about the footage being used as evidence or as a lead to catching them. These days, there are so many cheap security cameras around that you might be a bit overwhelmed with your options.

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If you’re in the market for an affordable home security camera, then these Eufy security camera deals might be worth taking a look at. As part of Eufy’s Prime Day sales, the company is heavily discounting a bunch of its security cameras, knocking some of their prices down by quite a huge margin, making it easier than ever to pick up a home security camera for under $100.

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Keep in mind that today is the last day for their Prime Day deals, so if you’re still on the fence, check out some of these awesome savings below and grab them while they’re still available!

eufy Security SoloCam S220, Solar Security Camera, Wireless Outdoor Camera,...
  • Solar Charging: Keeps the battery full, so you don't have to. 3 hours of sunlight daily keeps it running.
  • Day and Night Clarity: Infrared LEDs and an f/1.6 aperture allow more to be seen for excellent night vision.
eufy Security Wired Wall Light Cam S100, 2K Floodlight Camera, Porch Light...
  • All-in-One Wall Light and Camera: A seamlessly integrated camera and light to monitor the exterior of your home and...
  • See 2K HD in a Large Field of View: View the livestream and footage in full 2K HD color night vision, so you'll never miss a...
eufy Security eufyCam S330 (eufyCam 3) 4-Cam Kit, Security Camera Outdoor...
  • Crystal-Clear Night Surveillance: Achieve superior night vision with the eufy 4k camera's Starlight system, delivering 4K...
  • Intelligent Intruder Alert: The eufycam 3's BionicMind AI accurately identifies friends from strangers without additional...
eufy Security Solar Wall Light Cam S120, Solar Security Cameras Wireless...
  • All-in-One Wall Light and Camera: A seamlessly integrated camera and light monitor the exterior of your home and illuminate...
  • Wireless Forever Power Solar Charging: With just 2 hours of sufficient sunlight, the integrated solar panel can supply more...

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