Watch Google’s “Magic Editor” in Action on a Pixel 7 Pro


During the launch of its Pixel 8 series phones, Google also announced new AI software features for photo and video capture, building on the Magic Eraser feature it introduced a couple of years ago. One of these is the new “Magic Editor” feature, which lets users modify their photos as they would on editing software such as Photoshop, for example.

With that being said though, the feature is exclusive for the Pixel 8 Pro, although a recent post from tech reporter Mishaal Rahman shows the software in action on a Pixel 7 Pro. The feature was achieved by sideloading the latest version of Google Photos onto the 7 Pro, and spoofing select props.

The post shows a quick and simple edit, demonstrating an image of a duck being moved onto a different spot on the photo. The process does appear seamless for the most part, other than some minor details missed on the duck’s bill. Overall though it works similarly to how it was presented during Google’s event showcase.

Based on how the feature worked, Rahman states that the photo had to be backed up first, indicating that the process worked entirely from the cloud. Additionally, it seems users will need to agree to Google’s Terms of Service regarding Generative AI features.

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