Geekom Mini IT13 launched with Intel’s latest 13th Gen Core processor


When it comes to mini PCs, Geekom is no stranger to that. In fact, mini PCs are more or less what the company specializes in. In the past, Geekom has launched a variety of Intel and AMD-based PCs for you to choose from, but the tech world moves fast and every year, we see a refresh in components like CPUs, GPUs, and more.

If you’re looking for a new mini PC that comes with the latest specs, then Geekom’s latest Mini IT13 might be of interest to you. It is Geekom’s first mini PC that utilizes Intel’s latest 13th Gen Core processor, while retaining the familiar mini form factor that many of us have come to know and love.

The best part is that as part of the pre-sale, Geekom is offering Phandroid readers a generous $40 discount if you were to use the phandroid40 coupon code upon checkout, so don’t miss out on this!

Tiny, compact design

Like we said, mini PCs are pretty much what Geekom is known for. The new Intel Mini IT13 is no exception. It measures 117mm x 112mm x 49.2mm and only weighs 652 grams. This means that if you’re so inclined, you could put it in a bag and bring it around with you and all you’d need to do is hook it up to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and you’re good to go!

The small form factor design also means that if you want to use the Mini IT13 as your media center in your living room, you can. You can easily tuck it away in a corner and completely forget about it.

For the new Mini IT13, Geekom has given the PC a brand new shade of blue. It’s kind of striking and a nice departure from the usual blacks and grays that we see PCs come in. Now, despite its small stature, Geekom has designed the case to ensure no dead-end heat dissipation.

With the help of the cooling system, its lowest recorded temperatures are at around 25C, while its max temperature only hit 50C, which is quite impressive given what it can do. They have also designed it to withstand vibrations and drops, so while we wouldn’t exactly call it rugged, you don’t have to treat it like a newborn.

Latest Intel processor

Like we said earlier, the tech world moves extremely fast so a computer you buy today can be considered “outdated” next year. This is why it is not a bad idea to futureproof your purchases as much as possible, especially if you’re not the type that upgrades every year or every other year.

With the new Mini IT13, Geekom has equipped it with Intel’s latest 13th Gen Core processor. There are three different configurations to choose from, starting from the Intel Core i5-13500H, the Intel Core i7-13700H, and the more powerful Intel Core i9-13900H. As expected of the newer CPU, it does beat out previous generations in terms of performance, so if you do a lot of work that requires a powerful CPU, the new 13th Gen Intel Core processors are more than capable of getting the job done.

Let’s not forget that the Mini IT13 also comes with support for WiFi 6E that will offer faster connectivity, thanks to its new 6GHz band. Internet speeds will also depend on your provider, but the use of WiFi 6E should allow it to hit higher peaks.

User upgradeable design

The Mini IT13 also comes with 16GB of RAM for the Intel Core i5 model, but the i7 and i9 models come with 32GB and up to 2TB of storage. But in case that’s not enough, Geekom has designed the PC to be user upgradeable.

This means that all you need to do is buy your own components, open up the case, and add/replace certain components yourself. In a way you can save money since buying components yourself is usually the cheaper option, so you could always opt for the base Core i5 model and then upgrade the RAM and storage later if you need to.


With three different configurations to choose from, the new Mini IT13 has been designed for a variety of users in mind. Whether you’re just looking for a simple media player, or if you’re a light user who only does word processing, web surfing, and watch videos, or if you need a PC for photo or video editing or even playing games.

The Intel CPU also comes with Intel’s very own Iris XE graphics. We won’t sugarcoat it and say you can play the latest games at max settings, but the Iris XE graphics are more than capable of allowing you to play games or do tasks that might require additional graphics processing power.

But if you do need a more powerful GPU, the Mini IT13 does support the use of an external GPU so that’s always an option if you need that extra boost.

Users who work with multiple monitors will also be pleased to learn that the Mini IT13 will support displays of up to 8K in resolution and up to four displays at once. The PC also comes with a host of ports for all sorts of things, like your peripherals, displays, Ethernet, headphones, and SD card reader.

Pricing & availability

So, if you think that Geekom’s Mini IT13 is the perfect mini PC for you, you can order it from Geekom’s website. The Mini IT13 is priced starting from as low as $499 for the base model, and goes up to $789, which is still honestly quite affordable for what you’re getting.

Also, don’t forget that Geekom was generous enough to give our Phandroid readers a $40 discount when you us the code phandroid40 at checkout. You cna also save $40 on Amazon when you use the code OIHLESCN.

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