Ugreen’s PowerRoam 2200 is the lightest and most portable power station in its class


Power stations are pretty popular for those who are constantly on the go, like families who are making a cross-country trip in an RV and need a way to keep their gadgets and electronics powered. Or for those who do a lot of camping but also want to enjoy some modern day comforts. They can also be used by those who want an alternative source of power in the event of a blackout.

This means that when it comes to power stations, there are many different sizes to choose from, some of which are small and portable but sacrifice battery size, while others have massive batteries but are not practical if you need to move it from one location to another frequently.

Ugreen might have actually found a compromise in the form of their latest power station – the Ugreen PowerRoam 2200, which not only packs a very decently-sized battery, but its compact design makes it ideal for those who need to take it on the road with them, making it one of the lightest power stations of its size.

Lightweight and compact design

Starting with its design, the Ugreen PowerRoam 2200 measures 21.3×9.8×11.4-inches, which is honestly a pretty compact size. At this size, fitting it into the boot of your car shouldn’t be a problem or if you need to stow it away in your RV and bring it with you on your outdoor hikes or camping trips.

It does weigh 25.5kg which isn’t exactly very light, but luckily, Ugreen has thought about that and has included a detachable trolley. This means that if you need to bring the PowerRoam 2200 with you from one location to another, like from the trunk of your car to the camping site, or maybe you want to move it from one room in your house to another, just pop it onto the trolley and roll it with it quickly and easily without breaking your back.

While small and compact power stations aren’t new, the Ugreen PowerRoam 2200 is comparable to some of its competitors. In fact, it also boasts some features (which we’ll dive into below) that makes it more appealing if you’re looking for a power station in this size and class.

Charge just about anything

Under the hood, the PowerRoam 2200 features a 2,048Wh battery that has a max output of 3,500W using the company’s U-Turbo Tech. This allows you to charge and power just about anything you throw at it (within reason, of course), with Ugreen claiming that it can power 99% of home appliances.

For example, if you’re going outdoors for a camping trip, the PowerRoam 2200 will be capable of powering devices like a lamp, a rice cooker, an outdoor air conditioner, a kettle, a lantern, and even a portable fridge!

It will also be more than capable of acting as a source of backup power for your home in the event of a blackout, allowing it to charge devices like your cellphone, power your TV and even your computer.

In fact, the PowerRoam 2200 offers Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). This means that in the event you lose power in your home, the PowerRoam 2200 will kick in in under 20ms to ensure that devices connected to it will continue to remain operational. This could be useful for those who need to work on a computer or have a medical device that needs to remain turned on at all times.

Also, Ugreen has seen fit to equip the PowerRoam 2200 with a whopping 16 outlets, which means you can charge a bunch of different devices at once. There is even an Anderson port for those who plan to use it in their RVs.

Long-lasting battery

As we mentioned earlier, sometimes the drawback to portable power stations is that in order to make these devices smaller and portable, companies have to equip it with a smaller battery. This is an understandable trade-off, but in case you need a larger and more powerful battery, the Ugreen PowerRoam 2200 doesn’t disappoint.

The 2,048Wh battery inside the PowerRoam 2200 is of the LiFePO4 variety. For those unfamiliar, this is an alternative to lithium-ion batteries that some other power stations might use. One of the advantages to LiFePO4 batteries is that they are generally regarded as safer compared to lithium-ion, plus they are also longer-lasting in terms of charging cycles.

The PowerRoam 2200’s battery is rated at 3,000 cycles at 80% max capacity, meaning that even if you charge it on a daily basis, it would take almost a decade before you start noticing a degradation in its battery capacity. This is insane especially compared to lithium-ion batteries which you can find in your phones that tend to lose its charge pretty quickly after a year or two.

The PowerRoam 2200 also supports Ugreen’s PowerZip Technology that allows it to go from 0% up to 80% in 50 minutes, or fully charged in just 1.5 hours, so recharging it back to full won’t take you too long.

In case the built-in 2,048Wh battery isn’t enough, not to worry because the PowerRoam 2200 also supports battery expansion. Users can attach up to 5 expansion batteries which will allow you to significantly boost its battery size and power, going from 2kWh to 12kWh, so you can use it for much longer, making it perfect as a home backup system. Plus with its plug-and-play design, attaching these batteries will be a piece of cake.

There will also be an accompanying app that Ugreen has developed that will provide users with real-time monitoring and control of the power station remotely.

Pricing & availability

So, if you think that the Ugreen PowerRoam 2200 is the perfect power station for your home backup or travel needs, the device will be sold for $1,999. We know $1,999 is quite a big ask for a power station, but it should be noted that it is actually cheaper compared to other power stations in its size and class.

Plus all the features like its use of a LiFePO4 battery, quick recharging, and multitude of ports makes it great value for money. If you’re keen and want to place an order, you’ll be able to do so via Ugreen’s website.

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