Heat no more! Pixel 6, Pixel 7 overheating issues seemingly fixed in Android 14


One of the issues Pixel owners have been facing and experiencing over the years is overheating. This seems to be an issue with pretty much every Pixel device that Google has released, but yet for some reason has never been rectified.

The good news is that Google appears to have fixed that problem. Android 14’s release was announced last week and it has been rolling out to Pixel owners as we speak, and according to posts on Reddit, it looks like the update might have fixed overheating issues experienced by Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 owners.

It is unclear what Google might have done to address the problems, but it is speculated that perhaps Google might have made some optimization improvements so that the phones won’t draw as much power, which in turn reduces the chance of it getting too hot. That’s just speculation because there is nothing in the changelog that suggests that this might have been a fix.

That being said, as Android Police notes, Google’s Tensor chipsets are still pretty power-hungry so there might be times it will run too hot so maybe this isn’t a complete fix, but hopefully it will address some of the overheating issues for now.

Source: Android Police

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