Samsung has a smartphone depreciation problem that needs to be solved!


Generally speaking, buying a tech product is rarely ever an investment. This is because of how fast technology advances, so what might be considered cutting edge right now could easily be replaced in the coming months or years, leading to the product in question losing its value over time.

This obviously applies to phones, but have you ever noticed that when it comes to selling off your old phone (or if you’re buying a secondhand phone), some brands seem to hold their value more than others? Unfortunately, Samsung does not appear to be one of those brands.

A recent study conducted by Simple Ghar has revealed in terms of phone depreciation, the Samsung Galaxy S22 has lost the most value compared to other smartphones, dropping by a whopping 40% in value. In fact, out of the top 10 smartphones that have lost the most value, Samsung actually has four devices in the list, and all four are in the top 6 positions.

Image credit – Simple Ghar

This includes the Galaxy S22, followed by the Galaxy A53, the Galaxy A13, and the Galaxy S21+. The study suggests that one of the reasons why Samsung’s phones depreciate so much is because of the sheer number of releases the company does per year. This means that since consumers know a new Samsung model will be released sooner rather than later, there will always be another option for them to choose from.

In Samsung’s defense, they’re not alone in this. The study actually revealed that OnePlus devices tend to lose more value per year on average compared to other brands, losing about 21.82% per year compared to Samsung’s 11.86%. We’re not sure if there’s anything Samsung can really do to fight this problem, but then again, what users do in the secondhand market and how they price/value their devices is already out of Samsung’s hands.

Source: Simple Ghar

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