Samsung Smart Tag 2 gives Apple’s Air Tag a run for its money


If you’re looking for a smart wireless tracker to keep an eye on your keys, wallet, and other valuables, then you might want to check out Samsung’s new Galaxy Smart Tags 2. Unveiled yesterday, the Galaxy Smart Tags 2 build on the features introduced by Samsung’s first-generation smart tags.

In terms of features, the Galaxy Smart Tag 2 retains several features from earlier models such as the Galaxy Smart Tag and Smart Tag+, including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and UWB capabilities, and can even tap into Augmented Reality (AR) Find technology to better help users find their missing items using their Samsung phone’s camera app.

There are newer features as well, such as a new “Lost Mode”, which allows users to enter their contact information using a message. People who find a missing item with a Smart Tag 2 attached can use their smartphone to scan the tag, and see the owners’ message and contact information.

Additionally, Samsung says that the Galaxy Smart Tag 2 has a maximum Bluetooth range of up to 120 meters, and even lets users control smart home appliances through the SmartThings app. For battery, there’s a power saving mode that can make the Tag 2’s battery last for up to 700 days.

Other features include a Compass View feature which works with the Galaxy S23’s UWB features, and can even automatically pair to a new Samsung phone if you decide to change your Samsung phone.

Source: Samsung

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