Pixel updates will no longer be released on a fixed date


On the first Monday of every month, Google releases updates for its Pixel phones, such as security fixes for any bugs or exploits or vulnerabilities. But over time, the company has started to lag behind on this where some of these updates no longer drop on the first Monday of the month.

Now it looks like Google has decided to ditch the fixed date moving forwards. According to the post on Google’s blog where they announced their new Pixel 8 smartphones, the company says:

“We also dug into how we can deliver the highest quality, best tested updates to Pixel users on a consistent basis. As part of this effort, our security updates, bug fixes and feature updates won’t roll out on a specific day each month. Instead, we’ll deploy updates as soon as they’ve completed the necessary tests to ensure they improve the experience for all Pixel customers.”

We should point out that this doesn’t mean Google is ditching their updates. Google will still push out updates as long as devices are still on its support list, it’s just that they will no longer provide users with a fixed release date. This means that it could still drop on the first Monday of the month, or it could be released the week after, and so on.

In all fairness, many companies release updates whenever they are ready, so if you’re used to the previous fixed release date, then this is something you’ll just have to get used to from here on out.

Source: Google

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