Google updates the Pixel Buds Pro with new features and color options


If you were hoping that Google could launch a new pair of Pixel Buds earbuds at their Pixel 8 event today, that did not happen. Instead, Google announced that they will be introducing new features to its Pixel Buds Pro earbuds which should keep things fresh and exciting, while also introducing new color options to match its new Pixel phones.

For those who already own the Pixel Buds Pro or who might be thinking about getting one, some of the new features include support for Bluetooth Super Wideband. This effectively doubles the bandwidth of the earbuds that should help make your voice sound fuller and clearer.

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The earbuds will also support the Pixel phone’s Clear Calling feature that will enhance the voice of the person you’re calling so that you can hear them clearly, even if they’re in a noisy environment. There will also be new features to the Pixel Buds app where it can tell you if you’re listening to music too loudly and can make volume reduction suggestions.

There will also be the use of AI where the Pixel Buds Pro can now detect when you’re speaking, which will then pause your music and switch the earbuds to transparency mode so you can have a conversation. Google is also introducing a low-latency gaming mode that cuts latency in half when gaming.

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Last but not least, Google will be launching the Pixel Buds app for Chromebooks on the web, so Chromebook users can make adjustments to the earbuds while it is paired with their computer instead of having to make the adjustments from their phone. The Pixel Buds will continue to be sold at their current price and as mentioned earlier, there will be new Bay and Porcelain color options to choose from.

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