The Tensor G3 could be a huge upgrade over the Tensor G2


The Pixel 8 smartphones will be officially launched tomorrow and one of the main hardware upgrades we can look forward to is the new Tensor G3 chipset. This will be an upgrade over the Tensor G2 which was found in phones like the Pixel 7, but what kind of upgrades are we looking at?

According to a post on X by M. Brandon Lee from This Is Tech Today, he revealed the hardware information about the upcoming Tensor G3 chipset, which if accurate, could represent a huge upgrade over the Tensor G2.

For starters, one of the more obvious differences is in the number of cores. The G3 appears to have 9-cores versus the G2 which has 8-cores. The G3 will also feature one Cortex-X3 as its big core and it clocks in at 2.91GHz, and it will be accompanied by four Crotex-A715 medium cores clocking in at 2.37GHz, and four Cortex-A510 little cores clocking in at 1.7GHz.

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The information revealed also shows that the G3 will come with a Mali-G715 GPU, which once again is an upgrade over its predecessor that used the Mali-G710. On paper this means we should be able to expect better graphics performance, but we’ll have to wait for real-life testing to see how it fares.

Overall it’s quite a huge upgrade over the Tensor G2 which means that if you’re looking to buy an Android phone under $1000, then the Pixel 8 could be the phone for you.

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