Samsung might drop the 10x zoom from the Galaxy S24 Ultra


Ultra wide angle shots can be fun, especially if you’re trying to capture landscape photos, but telephoto shots can be just as fun and important. This is why many smartphone makers these days are starting to focus more on their phone’s zoom capabilities.

Unfortunately for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra would-be owners, it looks like the company could be making some changes to the phone’s cameras. According to a post on X by Ice Universe, apparently Samsung is planning to drop the 10x zoom feature found in phones like its Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Instead, the company will offer a 3x 10MP camera module along with a 5x 50MP camera module in its place. Right now, the Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with 10x zoom with a 10MP sensor, and a 3x zoom with a 10MP sensor, so the main difference is that Samsung will be upgrading one of the sensors to 50MP.

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In a way we can kind of understand the trade-off. A higher-resolution sensor can capture photos that are more detailed, especially when they’re cropped or zoomed in, so bumping the sensor resolution could make up for the lack of zoom by allowing users to zoom in further using editing software or digital zoom while retaining the details better than a 10MP sensor.

How this will work out in real life remains to be seen, but if zoom is an important feature for your mobile photography, then maybe the Galaxy S24 Ultra might not be the phone for you.

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