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In today’s fast-paced academic world, students regularly find themselves shuffling between multiple assignments, projects, exams, and extracurriculars, which leads to them needing homework assistance at their fingertips. Whether you’re stuck with writing an argumentative essay, struggling with a complex math problem, seeking ready textbook solutions, or looking for expert guidance on a complex issue, some apps and websites can make your academic journey smoother. Here are the 5 services that have risen above the rest due to unique features and on-the-go support that cater to the specific needs of college and university students. With them and your phone, you can make your studying process more manageable and your goals easily achievable.

1. Chegg.com – Old But Gold Student Help Platform

Chegg is a multipurpose platform that offers a wide array of versatile services to support students in their academic pursuits. The service’s two features students may find most helpful are the textbook solutions library and expert Q&A. Textbook solutions cover all college and university subjects and include step-by-step explanations, guided video walkthroughs & practice sets for thousands of problems, flashcards, and textbooks available for rent, purchase, or solutions subscription. Expert Q&A lets you get responses to your questions from field experts or browse the database of already published answers. Other homework help options include exam preparation materials, math solver, and topic and concept explainer. If you specifically need writing assistance, you can benefit from Chegg’s comprehensive support that lets you get paper plagiarism scans, expert proofreading, grammar checks, and instant citations. In other words, students can have their essays and papers reviewed by professionals, ensuring impeccable grammar, accuracy, structure, and clarity.

That said, Chegg is one of the most mobile-friendly homework help resources on the Web. It has fully functional apps for iOS/Mac and Android devices. Yet, if you prefer using your phone’s or tablet’s onboard browser, that’s not a problem, too, as Chegg’s website is optimized for mobile browsing.

Unique features: Textbook rental, purchase/sell, and solutions subscription.

2. CourseHero.com – When AI Is Put to Service with Homework Help

CourseHero’s primary focus is providing textbook solutions and explanations for as many subjects and topics as you can only think of. Solutions are conveniently categorized by subjects and by schools. The latter means you can find lots of particular stuff done and uploaded by students specifically from your school while following the educational institution’s exclusive instructions. In addition, the platform offers over 400 study guides, around a thousand literature analysis materials for the most popular books out there, and a flashcard maker, making it a comprehensive resource for students seeking to excel in their studies. Should this not be enough, you can address online tutors, who are happy to provide in-depth explanations, detailed answers, and accurate guidance according to your individual requirements.

Finally, CourseHero leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to offer a genuinely unique homework help utility. With this AI-driven tool, you only need to upload your paper, problem conditions, or a question – and the system will provide a fast and accurate writing analysis, solution, or an answer on a wide range of academic topics. Whether you’re stuck on a complex math problem or need an explanation of a challenging concept, CourseHero’s AI-powered utility is a viable option to nail the challenge. The only sad thing about it is that the tool is unavailable in either iOS/Mac or Android app that CourseHero has. The rest of the functions and materials can be easily and conveniently used on the go!

Unique feature: AI-powered homework help utility.

3. Bartleby.com – Vast Textbook Solutions Database

Bartleby is another household name in the student assistance industry. It offers a comprehensive suite of resources tailored to the particular needs of struggling students. For instance, the service’s homework help kit includes a textbook solutions library (with tens of thousands of entries), an ‘Ask an Expert’ feature (and get an answer as fast as just 30 minutes), a math solver (with step-by-step solutions for complex problems and equations), concept explainers (with straightforward explanations for hard-to-get topics), and literature guides (with brief reviews of tons of books from a school program).

Additionally, Bartleby provides a range of writing samples and guides that cover everything from essay structuring to grammar and citations. These guides are invaluable for students looking to enhance their writing skills. If you need something more hands-on, Bartleby offers the Writing Tool – a utility that lets you build your essay from scratch, create accurate citations, edit the text on the fly, and then polish it with an essay reviewer. Unfortunately, this feature is available on mobile devices only via the browser. Yet, the main features Brainly is best known for (Q&A, textbook solutions, math solver, live tutors, and homework help by categories) are handily available in Android and iOS/Mac apps.

Unique feature: 8+ million textbook and homework solutions.

4. PaperHelp.org – Best Writing Help According to Paper Help Reviews

The PaperHelp writing service is your go-to place in case you cannot develop an academic paper single-handedly. The reason behind this issue might be a lack of time, writing skills, interest, or understanding of assignment requirements; regardless, you can get practical writing assistance as quickly as just 3 hours. In other words, PaperHelp specializes in crafting entirely original custom academic papers according to the user’s personalized instructions. Whether you need a standard college essay, a university-level research paper, or even a degree-worthy dissertation, the service’s team of experts can come up with plagiarism-free content tailored to your specific requirements. Problem solving and editing help are available, too.

It’s only natural if you have a couple of questions about the website that offers such a practical type of writing help. Let’s try to answer them. Is PaperHelp.org scam? The service’s 15+ year operation history, a highly professional staff of 300+ writers, and 100K+ completed orders give a definitively positive answer to that question. Is PaperHelp reliable? The service’s guarantees (originality, no AI use for writing, timely delivery, 100% confidentiality, PCI DSS-ensured payment safety, and money-back guarantee) and strict quality assurance policies (double anti-plagiarism check, AI content detection, and initial requirements compliance) amply demonstrate that it is. Is PaperHelp legit? Customer feedback on independent user review platforms like Trustpilot and Sitejabber, as well as comments on relevant subreddits, prove that the company, although not without some drawbacks (for example, relatively high prices on urgent orders), is absolutely legitimate and trustworthy.

Sadly, PaperHelp doesn’t have iOS/Mac or Android apps. It’d be a shame that such an effective tool isn’t conveniently available on smartphones and tablets, wouldn’t it? Apparently, the service’s tech support decided that apps cannot provide the necessary functionality to serve users best anyway, so they’ve optimized the website’s mobile version. This means you can still order and get the required paper writing help from any device at hand.

Unique Feature: Practical writing help in the form of human-crafted, original academic papers.

5. WowEssays.com – Best Place to Find Writing Models for Any Occasion

Finally, the WOWESSAYS™. This website is well-known among students not only in the US but worldwide, thanks to a broad set of free writing and homework assistance tools. For starters, the platform boasts a vast database of almost 150,000 free essays, other academic papers, Q&As, and sample problem solutions, making it an invaluable resource for students seeking inspiration and hands-on examples to follow. This extensive collection covers virtually any subject and kind of paper you can imagine and lets students access well-crafted papers that serve as writing models for their own assignments. The entries are neatly organized by topics and paper types, as well as easily searchable by keyword via the built-in search engine.

Next, WOWESSAYS™ hosts roughly three dozen free writing assistance tools that other services offer you for additional pay. From topic and essay section generators to outline and citation builders – with the platform’s utilities, you can develop and edit a top-notch piece of academic writing. Another helpful thing WOWESSAYS™ has is an informative blog that includes writing guides, topic collections for various paper types, and studying tips. Considering that in addition to free homework help resources, the platform also hosts a full-fledged custom writing and problem-solving service, it can be generally considered one of the first choices to visit should you hit writer’s block or experience a hard time dealing with any college assignment. Welcome discounts for first-time buyers come as a pleasant bonus.

Like the previous service, WOWESSAYS™ cannot boast iOS or Android apps but has a mobile-friendly version that makes browsing the website and using the offered features quite comfortable.

Unique Feature: Extensive database free of sample academic papers and writing assistance tools.

These five services and websites offer a wealth of resources and tools available from phones and other mobile devices to assist students in their academic endeavors. Whether you need expert answers, fast concept explainers, AI-powered homework help, sample academic papers, professional editing and proofreading, or even custom-crafted essays, these platforms have you covered. Embracing these opportunities can be a significant step towards academic success, helping students navigate the challenges of higher education with confidence and ease. And what’s crucial, over the years in business, all of them have proved indispensable for students striving to achieve their academic goals.


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