Panos Panay Announces Exit from Microsoft


After 20 years at one of the largest tech companies in the world, Microsoft’s (now former) Surface chief and Executive Vice President Panos Panay recently announced his exit from the company. Panay, who was in charge of heading Microsoft’s Surface brand as part of his role as Chief Product Officer, confirmed the news via an online post.

The news was also announced by Rajesh Jha, Microsoft’s EVP of Experiences & Devices through an internal memo sent to company employees. The announcement reads:

After nearly 20 years at the company, Panos Panay has decided to leave Microsoft. Panos has had an incredible impact on our products and culture as well as the broader devices ecosystem. Under Panos’ leadership, the team created the iconic Surface brand with loved products. More recently, as the leader of Windows, the team has brought amazing services and experiences to hundreds of millions with Windows 11 on innovative devices including those from our OEM partners. He will be missed, and I am personally very grateful for his many contributions over the years. Please join me in wishing him well.

Moving forward, Microsoft says that Panay’s role and duties in the company  – including the Windows and Surface businesseswill be handled by Yusef Mehdi and Mikhail Parakhin. For many Microsoft fans and loyalists, Panay was known as the main face behind the company’s Surface product division, having ushered in many of the company’s devices under the Surface line.

Just recently, Microsoft announced that it has ended support for the first-generation Surface Duo, which was originally announced a few years back.

Source: Windows Central

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