DEAL: Save up to $800 on Samsung’s Frame QLED TV Lineup!


In addition to its excellent Galaxy smartphone product range, a lot of people will also be familiar with Samsung’s wide range of smart TVs and monitors, which are some of the best that you can get on the market at the moment. With that being said, folks looking for a compelling reason to pick up a Samsung TV right now might be thrilled to know that Samsung’s Frame QLED TVs are on offer right now, going for up to $800 off from their retail price.

The Samsung Frame QLED is a unique approach to modern smart TVs, blending elements of smart features with a design that’s more akin to a minimalist furniture setup. The TV’s overall slim profile includes a glare-resistant matte display, customizable bezels which blend in with your indoor design, Samsung’s Tizen-powered smart TV features, and even a mode that displays artwork on your TV screen when not in use.

The Frame QLED TV is available in different screen configurations with corresponding prices as listed below:

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