The iPhone 15’s adoption of USB-C is a mockery of the technology


Despite including support for USB-C on its MacBook laptops, Mac computers, and several of its iPads, Apple sure took their own sweet time bringing the tech to the iPhone 15. If it wasn’t for the EU mandating a charging standard, we honestly have no idea when Apple would make the switch, if at all.

That being said, while the new iPhones do support USB-C, Apple’s adoption of the technology is frankly quite embarrassing. It has recently been discovered that in the base iPhone 15 model, the USB-C transfer speeds offered on the phone are actually based on USB 2.0 speeds, a tech from 23 years ago.

Yes, you read that right, it means that if you want to transfer files from your PC to iPhone over USB-C or vice versa, you can expect the transfer speeds to top out at 480 Mbps. This is versus the current USB-C standard which tops out at 10 Gbps, making the 480 Mbps speeds seem downright slow in comparison.

The somewhat good news is that if you’re going for the more expensive iPhone 15 Pro series, those will use the USB 3.0 interface. As to why there is a discrepancy in speeds, it is because with the base iPhone 15 models, Apple is still using the A16 Bionic chipset from last year, while the Pro models use the A17 Bionic which has a new on-die USB controller block.

It is speculated that the lack of this on-die USB controller block could be creating some kind of conversion between the USB-C connector and the Lightning controller, resulting in some kind of limitation in speeds. In any case, we expect that next year’s iPhones should be able to avoid this problem, so if over-cable transfer speeds are important to you, either skip the iPhone 15 this year or opt for the Pro models.

Source: PC Gamer

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