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AiDot’s smart bulbs are now Matter compatible


There are many places to start if you’re looking to put together a smart home, but we reckon that smart lighting is probably the easiest and most affordable place to start. This is because we all have lights in our home already, so it’s just a matter of switching out an old “dumb” bulb for a smart one.

Plus, the fact that they can be remotely controlled means that if you’re the type that might forget to turn off the lights, you can do so even when you’re away from home, saving money on your electricity bill in the process.

If you’re looking for some smart bulbs to fit in your home, there are many to choose from, but if you’re looking for one that has the best compatibility, then perhaps AiDot’s smart bulbs could be a good place to start.

This includes the company’s OREiN lineup where both the A19 and BR30 models are now Matter compatible, along with their Linkind series which also covers both the A19 and BR30 models.

Matter compliant

One of the problems with smart home devices is that they aren’t all compatible with each other. For example, some smart home gadgets might only play nice with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant, while some might be exclusive to Apple’s HomeKit. This creates a problem because unless you want to juggle multiple apps at once, it might be hard finding a smart home device that is universally compatible.

This is something Matter is attempting to solve, by creating a universal protocol that will allow smart home devices to work across various devices and platforms. This is one of the main reasons why the AiDot’s smart bulbs are a good choice when it comes to smart bulbs. By supporting the Matter protocol, users regardless of device or platform, will be able to quickly and easily set up their smart bulbs and connect it to their phones or smart speakers/displays.

So whether you’re an Android user, an Amazon user, or an Apple user, the AiDot OREiN smart bulbs will work across the platforms, and will also play nicely with other Matter devices you might get in the future.

Sync to your music

Now, in addition to being Matter compliant, the AiDot’s smart bulbs come with a bunch of fun features that you might be able to take advantage of. One of those features comes in the form of music modes where the lights can pulse and change color according to the rhythm of the music that you are playing.

You can also set different colors and themes to suit the mood, so whether you’re looking to put together some mood lighting for movie night at home, or if you want to recreate a disco-like effect when your friends are over, you have plenty of options to choose from. According to AiDot, there are 23 different music modes, so you should be able to find something that’s right up your alley.

The music mode will also allow the lights to sync and create a more immersive experience. If you’ve ever wondered why the mood and feel of a cinema or a night club is so different to that of your home, it’s because lighting plays a huge role and with the AiDot smart bulbs, you’ll be able to recreate that effect in the comfort of your own home.

Wider color temperature range

In addition to offering fun features like music mode, the AiDot smart bulbs also offer a lower color temperature range compared to other Matter-compatible smart bulbs. For those wondering about color temperature, it basically determines how “cool” or “warm” your lights look.

For example, in your typical office space, the bulbs used might give off a “cooler” temperature, giving off that blue-ish hue. This is versus somewhere like a cafe where they might opt for “warmer” colors, like yellow, to help make the place feel more cozy and inviting.

With the AiDot bulbs, the company says that it can go to temperatures as low as 1800k, whereas other Matter bulbs might only go down to as low as 2700k. This is actually kind of important because having a lower temperature range means users have more options when it comes to customizing their lights to create the effect that they want.

High color accuracy

Another issue that some of you might not have considered is the color accuracy of your lights. Have you noticed that in some places, certain colors look a little different? For example, a photo of a product you see on a website is usually taken using professional lighting to ensure color accuracy, meaning that the light will try its best to bring out the actual colors of the product.

But when you receive the product and you view it under your own fluorescent bulbs, it looks different from what was advertised. This is because the lights in your home aren’t necessarily designed to offer the best color accuracy, which is another reason why the AiDot bulbs could be worth your consideration.

The company claims that its bulbs offer more than 90 CRI, versus other Matter smart bulbs which are around 80 CRI. This means that on paper, the AiDot bulbs will do a better job of restoring the accurate color of the objects you are looking at. This might not matter as for most people, but if you’re trying to take photos using a light source, then this might come in handy.

Pricing & availability

If you think that the AiDot’s smart bulbs might have everything you might want from a smart bulb, like we mentioned earlier, there are a few different models from AiDot’s product lineup that you can choose from, available directly on AiDot’s website (use discount code MT15 to same 15%, applicable to all Matter products on the AiDot official website).

The AiDot OREiN A19 and Linkind A19 models are your more standard light bulbs that should be compatible with most light fittings in your home. They are priced at $39.99 and $26.99 respectively for a 4-pack.

If you’re looking for smart bulbs that might be more suited for floodlights, the OREiN BR30 and Linkind BR30 might be a better option. They are priced at $29.99 and $31.99 respectively, also for a 4-pack.

As you can see, AiDot’s smart bulbs are ridiculously affordable compared to the competition and a great place to start your smart home journey.

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