Samsung Might Launch a Galaxy Buds “Fan Edition” Soon


It’s probably safe to say that Samsung’s Galaxy “Fan Edition” products have been rather popular with fans, as seen with the popularity of devices like the Note FE and S20 FE phones. As such, new reports indicate that the company might bring over its FE branding to its Galaxy Buds line as well.

Just recently, a leaked user manual revealed the existence of a pair of unreleased earbuds, currently known as the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE. We now also have a clear look at what the earbuds will look like, thanks to some renders from the folks over at Winfuture.

Based on the renders, the Galaxy Buds FE will feature a design that incorporates specially-designed fins on the edges of the earbuds, which might be designed to help secure the earbuds in users’ ears. Additionally, there’s a portion of the design that likely serves as the touch control for the earbuds.

In addition to the Galaxy Buds FE, it’s highly expected that Samsung will soon launch the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE, which should come at a more affordable price versus the mainline S23 models. There’s no mention of specific prices yet, so we’d recommend keeping your eyes peeled for further announcements.

Source: Winfuture

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