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How to reset the iPhone 15


There are lots of reasons you may want to reset your iPhone 15. You could be selling it for some of those amazing upgrade deals. You could be selling it privately. Or simply want to give it a reset to kill any potential bugs that you might be experiencing. It’s always good to know how to reset your phone.

So we’ll be talking you through how to reset your iPhone 15.

The important thing to know is that there are two different types of resetting on the iPhone. The general Reset, or the Factory reset.

Factory Reset vs. Reset

You’ll notice when you navigate to the reset screen that you’ll be prompted with two options. Reset or Factory Reset. You may be curious which each of these do, as they have different functions.

Reset Settings, or Reset will change all of the settings on your phone back to default. So things like your Bluetooth devices; headphones, watches etc. will all be erased. This also affects things like screen brightness and things like that.

Factory reset is for those times when you have to erase all of the contents from your iPhone. Bringing it back to the stage that it would be if you had just freshly opened the box. This is what you will use if you are selling your iPhone or bringing it in for repair.

How to Reset your iPhone

Thankfully, the process for resetting your iPhone is a simple one. There are even simple tricks to get to the menu even faster, which I’ll show you in this guide.

  1. First things first, you’ll want to back up your iPhone. This will make sure that anything you have on your phone will be saved. So we’ll always advise you to do that first.
  2. To navigate to the reset menu you’ll have to find the settings app. This will be the big cog icon labelled “Settings”
  3. Press the Settings icon
  4. If you pull down the menu that you now see, you’ll see a search bar.
  5. Type in Reset
  6. Select whichever reset you like, or simply select the first reset to be brought to the main menu
  7.  Follow the prompts on the screen to reset your iPhone to its desired state.

Here is a visual guide of how to get to the settings menu

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