Google’s Tensor G3 could run cooler than previous generations


These days, the clock speeds of chipsets have kind of peaked. This means that in terms of improvements, we’re mostly looking at things like better energy savings, better efficiencies, better graphics, and so on.

Now, Google is expected to debut the Tensor G3 in the upcoming Pixel 8, and a post on X by Tech_Reve has revealed that one of the improvements that is being made to the Tensor G3 is thermals. Apparently the chipset will be the first to use Samsung Foundry’s FO-WLP packaging technology.

This is said to reduce the amount of heat given off by the chipset, and in turn increase the power efficiency. For those unfamiliar, heat in our gadgets is generally viewed as a waste of energy and can have an impact on overall battery life. By making the chipset run cooler, in theory it should also help reduce the overall battery consumption.

Exactly by how much is unclear, but seeing as battery tech has kind of stagnated over the years, every little bit helps. Google has confirmed that the Pixel 8 phones will be officially launching on the 4th of October, so be sure to check back with us then if you’d like the details!

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