MediaTek has announced its first 3nm chipset


In the mobile chipset space, the race is on not to stuff as many cores into these chipsets as possible, but to shrink down the fabrication process. The idea is that the closer the chip’s transistors are to each other, the faster they will become and they will also be more efficient. Think of it like a map, where usually the shortest distance is a straight line.

That being said, it looks like Apple, Qualcomm, and Samsung might have some competition because MediaTek has announced the development of their first-ever 3nm chipset. This is thanks to a joint effort between the company and TSMC where production is expected to start in 2024, meaning that we should be able to see MediaTek’s 3nm chipsets grace certain phones only next year.

In terms of its specs, the company claims that their new 3nm chipset is able to offer an 18% increase in performance even at the same power consumption level. It will also be able to consume 32% less power at similar speeds, followed by 60% increase in logic density. There is still no name of this chipset yet, so we’ll have to wait until 2024 to find out.

MediaTek is not alone in trying to push for 3nm chipsets. Other companies such as Samsung announced their efforts last year, and the upcoming Apple A17 Bionic chipset that is expected to debut in the iPhone 15 next week are also rumored to be built on the 3nm process.

Source: MediaTek

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