Nintendo Working on VR Hardware, Leak Claims


Nintendo is no stranger to trying out new and unique ways in integrating unorthodox hardware elements into is consoles, as evidenced by systems like the Nintendo Wii, 3DS, and Switch. With that in mind, a new leak online claims that the Japanese gaming giant is working on new VR hardware.

According to Twitter leaker Nash Weedle, the device will incorporate mixed-reality technology, as well as involvement from Google for the device’s production. Additionally, the supposed VR device will be a standalone product separate from the rumored Nintendo Switch successor, which has been making rounds online these past couple of weeks.

Nintendo is no stranger to VR, and although it hasn’t gone all-in with developing fully-functional VR hardware, its earlier products such as the ill-fated Virtual Boy as well as the rather peculiar Nintendo Labo kit shows that the company has some interest in the field.

Going back to the rumored VR device, nothing is of course confirmed at the moment, so any fans looking forward to a Nintendo-branded VR product might have to wait a bit longer, until official news – or more leaks – pop up online.

Source: Dualshockers

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