32GB RAM smartphones could soon be a thing


The processors on our phones are getting faster with each generation, with every new model offering an increase in speed, graphics, efficiency, and so on. But that’s not all that smartphone makers are increasing. We’ve also started seeing an increase in the amount of RAM.

Gone are the days when 4GB of RAM was enough. These days, we’re seeing 12-16GB as the norm, while some manufacturers are pushing it to 24GB, but apparently we’re not stopping there. A recent post on Weibo by Digital Chat Station has revealed that some manufacturers are now testing out 32GB of RAM on their phones.

The post does not name names, so it is unclear which future devices might come with 32GB of RAM, but honestly at this stage it’s kind of ridiculous. Having a lot of RAM isn’t a bad thing, but seeing as there aren’t that many apps that can take advantage of having this much RAM, it feels like manufacturers are just including specs for the sake of it and for marketing purposes.

If companies like Samsung, who make and ship the most Android phones in the world, can get away with 12GB of RAM on their flagship phones, and it runs pretty damn well as it is, we’re not sure what 32GB of RAM will accomplish. This isn’t to say we think progress should be held back, but we’re not really at the bottleneck stage of things yet so is there really a need to go up to 32GB?

Source: Digital Chat Station

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