Square Enix Teases Young Sephiroth for Final Fantasy Ever Crisis


While it’s still a few days away, Square Enix has wasted no time in promoting its newest Final Fantasy VII spin-off, Ever Crisis. The company recently teased a new promotional video online, showing off one of the most popular characters in the series.

More specifically, the new trailer shows snippets of a young Sephiroth – the main antagonist of the original Final Fantasy 7 videogame – in what is probably an earlier part of Ever Crisis’ storyline. The spin-off title covers the events of Final Fantasy 7, as well as several other installments including Crisis Core and more.

Earlier, the game was made available through a closed beta release which was accessible for players in the USA, Canada, and Japan. Ever Crisis covers several major events featured throughout the Final Fantasy VII video game series, which includes the original game for the PlayStation One, as well as other spin-offs such as Crisis Core for the Sony PSP.

Scheduled to launch on September 7 for mobile devices, it looks like Square Enix is leaning towards a “freemium” pricing structure for the game, which means micro-transactions and an energy system. Players looking for a more “traditional” single-purchase gaming experience might be out of luck with this one, however.

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