Lenovo’s Legion Glasses lets you game wherever you go in private


Lenovo recently took the wraps off the Legion Go, a Windows-powered handheld gaming console that’s designed to allow people to game on the go. The problem with gaming on the go is privacy, plus the smaller screen compared to your TV or monitor back at home, but Lenovo has the answer to that problem.

This comes in the form of the Legion Glasses, which as its name implies, are a pair of glasses with built-in displays that will allow you to see your games on a “larger” screen while offering a degree of privacy at the same time.

The glasses feature tinted lenses and behind each lens is a micro OLED display that offers 1920×1080 resolution per eye, so when placed this close to you, it will be a “larger” gaming experience compared to the Legion Go’s 8.8-inch display. The glasses also come with earpieces with speakers, so you can crank the volume and not worry about disturbing the people around you.

If you don’t plan to buy the Legion Go, not to worry as the Legion Glasses will work with your computer as long as it has a USB-C port, which means that it will play nicely with Windows and Mac computers, essentially turning it into an alternative display of sorts. That being said, the Legion Glasses weigh in at 142 grams, so it might feel heavy after an extended period of use.

The Legion Glasses will be going on sale this October where they will be priced starting at $329.

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