Honor’s V Purse is a unique and novel take on foldable phones


There’s no denying the appeal of foldable phones, but the problem with foldable phones these days is that they’re all starting to look alike, meaning that it’s starting to get a little boring. But it looks like Honor has found a way to make things interesting again, although whether or not this is a good thing remains to be seen.

At IFA 2023, the company has taken the wraps off a brand new foldable called the Honor V Purse. It almost feels like an announcement designed for April Fools day, but it is actually a concept product. As you can see in the photos and as the name might have given it away, the Honor V Purse has been designed to look like a purse/clutch.

It is a foldable phone that comes with a strap and software features that allows its external display to be customized to look like a purse. The company has worked with various designers such as BURBERRY menswear design director Bram Van Diepen, contemporary artist Yunuene Esparza, dean of the China Academy of Art International College Yuan Youmin and interdisciplinary artist Xiao Hui Wang to create these custom displays.

We suppose the phone isn’t entirely without its merits and for those who want their phones to double as a fashion accessory, this could be one way to do it. There is no mention of specs, but like we said, it is a concept so we’re not sure if there are plans to actually put it into production and sell it.

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