Tecno unveils a concept rollable smartphone


A few years ago, LG announced their plans to exit the smartphone market. It was kind of a bummer because LG was pretty innovative in the smartphone space, trying out new concepts even if it didn’t necessarily pan out. It also resulted in the loss of the smartphones with rollable displays.

That being said, Tecno could be picking up where LG left off. The company has taken the wraps off the Phantom Ultimate, a concept smartphone which comes with a rollable display, allowing the phone to transform from a regular-sized phone into one with a larger display, thanks to the use of rollable display technology.

This allows the phone to transform from a 6.55-inch phone to a 7.11-inch phone, which is actually quite a huge jump when you watch the video above. The bad news is that this is currently a concept, which means that we’re not sure if Tecno has plans to actually make it a reality.

It is possible that based on how well-received this concept is, Tecno could consider turning it into an actual product, but at this point in time it’s hard to say if that will happen. It would be a missed opportunity though, because right now the market is being flooded with foldable phones, so a rollable phone would certainly stand out from the competition.

Source: GSMArena

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