Google brings AI-powered search to more users outside the US


While Google Bard is a great way for users to test out Google’s progress on AI development, it’s not that great as a search tool. This is unlike Microsoft’s Bing which beat Google to the punch when rolling out AI-powered search tools, but it looks like Google is catching up.

The company has announced that its Search Generative Experience will be expanding to more countries, namely India and Japan, where users can try it out for themselves. Prior to this, it was only available in the US, but this expansion suggests that Google is getting ready to bring it to more users.

Take note that this feature is an opt-in experience which means that users will have to manually turn it on by signing up on Google’s website. As to how this differs from regular search, basically the cards that Google would sometimes display at the top of the search page will now contain content generated by Google’s AI.

Prior to this, the information at the top would contain snippets related to your search that have been pulled from the most relevant websites. Sometimes this gives users the answers they need, but sometimes it doesn’t. With the use of AI, the summarized content should, in theory, be more accurate.

Google does not mention when this feature will make its way to more countries, so if you’re living outside of the US, India, or Japan, you’ll just have to remain patient for now.

Source: Google

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