Roborock unveils a bunch of new robot and handheld vacuum cleaners at IFA


With the advancement of technology, robot vacuum cleaners have become increasingly common and also more affordable than they were back when they first launched. If you relish the idea of being able to keep your home clean even when you’re not there, then a robot vacuum is the way to go.

Roborock is well-known for their robot vacuums and if you’re looking for some new options, the company has unveiled a couple of new robot vacuums at IFA 2023 alongside some handheld models as well.

With the robot vacuums, we’re looking at the Q8 Max and Max+ along with the Q5 Pro and Pro+. With the Q8 Max series, the main difference between the Max and Max+ is that the Max+ comes with a docking station. This docking station allows the robot vacuum to empty and charge itself.

The vacuum portion offers both vacuum and mopping capabilities. It features a DuoRoller brush with a max suction of 5,500Pa and a built-in dustbin that can collect up to 470ml of dirt, and a 350ml water tank for mopping. It relies on LiDAR for navigation and has a 5,200mAh battery.

As for the Q5 Pro series, it’s pretty much the same where the Pro+ model comes with a docking station. The robot vacuum also uses the same DuoRoller brush and offers 5,500Pa suction, but its built-in dustbin has a larger capacity of 770ml, but its water tank is smaller at 180ml. It also relies on LiDAR for navigation and has a similar 5,200mAh battery.

If you think that hand vacuuming is still more effective than a robot, Roborock has introduced a brand new Dyad handheld vacuum at IFA in the form of the Dyad Pro Combo. This handheld vacuum has 17,000Pa of suction power with a 4,000mAh battery with a max run time of 60 minutes.

It is a wet-dry vacuum which means that it essentially offers mopping capabilities to help ensure a deeper clean. There are also four additional attachments that can be used with the vacuum for different cleaning purposes.

Last but not least, Roborock has also introduced the Zeo One, and all-in-one washer dryer combo. It is powered by the DD Motor which is said to offer quieter and more power-saving operations. It can wash 10kg of clothes and dry 6kg of fabric, and offers features to help eliminate bacteria, pet dander, allergens, stains, and more.

It also uses a built-in AI algorithm which when combined with NTC smart sensors, allows users to dry their clothes at more precise temperatures, avoiding potential damage to certain types of fabric in the process. It can even collect and remove lint by itself, saving users the time and hassle of doing so manually.

As for pricing, the Q5 Pro starts at $429.99, the Q8 Max at $599.99, and the Dyad Pro Combo at $659.99, and will be available for purchase from Amazon or Roborock’s official store this October.

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