Microsoft’s Bing AI has snuck its way onto Google Chrome


There are many companies that are working on AI right now, but in terms of the tech that’s available to consumers such as ourselves, Google and Microsoft are essentially head to head on that front.

Microsoft was kind of “first” to the market by working with OpenAI to integrate a version of ChatGPT into Bing, and to great success. Google later followed up with Google Bard, its own take on ChatGPT. Now it looks like Microsoft’s AI has snuck its way into a Google product in the form of Chrome.

The Redmond company has announced that Bing Chat will now be supported in Chrome. All users need to do is access Bing’s website through the Chrome browser and the Bing Chat option will be available at the top of the screen. Users just need to click on it and start chatting with the bot and it will answer you.

Prior to this, Microsoft made Bing Chat exclusive to its Edge browser as a way of encouraging users to use it, but it seems that Microsoft has decided to adopt a similar strategy like it did with Android by making its products and services available to non-Edge users as well.

The company notes that support for other browsers on desktop and mobile are coming, so if you use a different browser other than Edge or Chrome, hopefully support for it will arrive soon.

Source: Microsoft

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