Samsung to Bring over New Updates for the Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Smart TVs


If you own a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pros or a Samsung smart TV, then you’re in luck – the South Korean electronics giant recently rolled some new updates to the aforementioned devices, which bring some nifty new features to owners.

The new update for the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro now bring LE audio, which Samsung says provides better-sounding music for users. While it isn’t anything new, Samsung has been leveraging features based on LE Audio with some of its products, including its Galaxy smartphones.

With LE audio, Samsung says that Auracast broadcast technology will soon be available for the Galaxy buds 2 Pro and select Samsung TVs including the 2023 Neo QLED 8K and 2023 Micro LED models. The update will begin rolling out sometime in September – Samsung adds that using Auracast, users will be able to “their device into a shared radio station able to broadcast across connected devices.”

This is made possible by using LED audio, allowing users to connect multiple sets of earbuds to compatible TVs; previously, users could only connect a maximum of two pairs of earbuds to their TVs.

Source: Samsung

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