Say goodbye to Dropbox’s unlimited storage plan


When it comes to paid cloud storage, it’s not often that you see unlimited plans being offered. Dropbox was one of the few companies that did offer unlimited storage (for a fee, of course), but it looks like they have decided to do away with it.

Apparently it seems that a fair number of customers have been misusing the unlimited plan. It turns out that the plan was being exploited for things such as cryptocurrency mining as well as storage pooling with other customers, meaning that one person pays for the plan and then shares (and presumably) splits the cost with others to store their files as well.

For those unfamiliar, Dropbox had a storage tier that was aimed at businesses that offered them unlimited storage. As a result of this misuse, Dropbox has since introduced a new storage policy where new customers on its Dropbox Advanced plan will receive 15TB of storage which can then be further expanded by 5TB with added licenses.

That being said, we imagine that the number of users affected by these changes probably aren’t much. Apparently over 99% of Dropbox’s Advanced customers use less than 35TB anyway, but for those who are in that 1%, you might need to fork out more money for the added licenses or turn to another storage provider if you’re looking for truly unlimited storage.

Source: Android Police

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