Google Pixel 8a with Tensor G3 Pops up in Geekbench Listing


We’re still a couple of months away at least from Google’s launch of its Pixel 8 series smartphones, but we’ve already gotten word about the more affordable variant of the 8 series, the Pixel 8a. Several details regarding the 8a’s hardware specifications were listed via a Geekbench entry, which gives some insight about the handset.

Referred to as “Google Akita” in the Geekbench listing, the device comes with an underclocked Tensor G3 chipset, and managed to score 1218 for single-core performance, and 3175 for multi-core performance. The listing also reveals 8GB of RAM inside, as well as more specifics regarding the chipset, as seen below.

These include a prime core running at 2.91GHz, 4x performance cores at 2.37GHz, as well as four efficiency units running at 1.7GHz, aided by a Mali G715 GPU.

With all that being said however, no other details regarding the rest of the Pixel 8a’s hardware is currently known. On the other hand, Google isn’t exactly known for being the best when it comes to keeping product secrets away from the public eye, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see more Pixel 8a hardware leaks in the coming weeks and months.

Source: Geekbench

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