Best chargers for the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G in 2023


Samsung’s budget 5G smartphone Galaxy A23 5G is a good pick for anyone with a strict budget. It becomes an even better choice if you prefer Samsung’s brand over other options. The phone comes with various features including a huge 5,000mAh battery.

It can give you a good battery life and when you are running out of juice, you can get a quick recharge with 25W wired fast charging. The only thing you need is a compatible fast charger. This can be a tricky thing for buyers as there are just so many chargers and brands to choose from.

But no need to worry as we have compiled a list of the best chargers for the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G, you can get in 2023. Choose the one that fits your budget and brand preference.

Samsung 25W Super Fast Charger
This is the official Samsung charger with a single USB Type-C port. It can offer charging speeds up to 25W and is compatible with Samsung Super Fast Charging tech. It should be noted that you do not get charging cable with this charger.
Anker Ace 25W Charger
This 25W fast charger is from Anker and supports Samsung Super Fast Charging. It has a compact size and its foldable design makes it even smaller. It is claimed to be 23% faster than an original non-foldable charger. It does not come with a charging cable.
Anker PowerPort III 2-port 40W Charger
This is a 40W charger with dual USB-C ports. It comes with MultiProtect safety technology and has foldable prongs. Available in White and Black colors.
Apple 20W USB-C Charger
This is the official Apple charger you get with the iPad Air 5. If you misplaced it or it got damaged and want to buy it again, you can get it from here. It has a single USB-C port with a peak output of 20W.
Belkin 20W USB-C Charger
This is a 20W fast charger from Belkin featuring a single USB Type-C port. It has short circuit protection and temperature control features. It is quite compact in size and makes it easier to carry around. It is compatible with the majority of the devices as it supports PD charging.
Baseus 30W 2-port Charger
Baseus' charger has dual ports featuring one USB-C and one microUSB port. These can deliver up to 18W and 12W charging speeds individually when using both at the same time. It is a compact-sized charger and has prongs that can be folded.
UGREEN Nexode Mini 30W Charger
This is a single USB-C port with a peak power output of 30W. It is smaller in size and features foldable prongs. It has always-on temperature detection for keeping device temperature in check.
UGREEN Nexode 100W 4-port Charger
This is a charger featuring three USB-C ports and a USB-A port. It can deliver a peak power output of 100W and can charge up to four devices at the same time. It is quite compact in size considering it is a 100W charger. Foldable plugs make it easy to carry around.

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