Samsung unveils a couple of new gaming monitors


If you’re serious about gaming, then gaming monitors are an accessory for your PC that might be worth looking into. This is because unlike regular monitors, gaming monitors come with features like a faster refresh rate, they also work with GPUs and offer features like NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync, HDR, better colors, and more.

Now, if you are looking for a new gaming monitor, then you’ll definitely be interested to learn that Samsung has announced a couple of new gaming monitors in the form of the Neo Odyssey Ark and the Odyssey Neo G9.

Starting with the Neo G9, this is a massive monitor. It measures 57-inches diagonally which is about the equivalent of two 32-inch monitors placed side-by-side. It boasts dual UHD panels with an aspect ratio of 32:9, and uses Quantum Matrix technology while boasting a 1,000R curvature and a refresh rate of 240Hz, and a response time of 1ms GTG.

As for the Ark, this is an equally massive display measuring 55-inches diagonally. It has a 4K resolution, a similar 1,000R curvature, Quantum Matrix technology, HDR10+, but has a slightly slower refresh rate of 165Hz, which for the most part is still good enough unless you’re a serious competitive gamer.

The Ark also comes with a built-in KVM switch which means that if you use it with multiple computers, like maybe one for your Mac and the other for your PC, or for your laptop, you can connect peripherals like a mouse and keyboard to the monitor and then switch over to other computers seamlessly.

As for pricing and availability, both monitors will be going on sale in October with the Odyssey Neo G9 priced at $2,499.99.

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