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It used to be that tablet makers would create mini tablets that could be (almost) used with one hand, but ever since Apple launched the iPad Pro with its massive 12.9-inch display, we’ve started to see a shift in trend in tablets towards the larger side of things.

In a way it shouldn’t be too surprising given that our phone displays are getting larger, so buying a tablet with a display that’s only slightly larger than our phones doesn’t make sense. Plus, with a larger display, tablets are now becoming more viable as a laptop replacement and can even act as a secondary display.

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Samsung’s recently launched Galaxy Tab S9 series is a perfect example of that. The base model already packs an 11-inch display, with the Ultra going up to a massive 14.6-inches, so if you’re looking to use the tablet as a secondary display, then a stand is definitely something you’ll want to check out. Below is a list of some of the best stands for the Galaxy Tab S9.

Ringke Outstanding Universal Tablet Stand
One of the things we like about Ringke’s tablet stand is as its name suggests, it’s a universal stand. This is because unlike some stands that might have been designed for tablets of a certain size or weight, this stand can be easily attached to just about any tablet from as small as 8-inches up to 13-inches. It offers users varying viewing angles so whether you want to prop it up to watch movies, or lay it flat but still at an angle, you have the option of doing so. It can also collapse on itself so that bringing it around with you will be easy.
UGREEN Tablet Stand Holder
Ugreen has made a name for themselves when it comes to mobile accessories, so this tablet stand holder is no different. Featuring an aluminum construction, this is a sturdy stand that looks sleek and elegant. It can support tablets up to 12.9-inches and features silicone padding that helps prevent your tablet from slipping off, while also protecting it from being scratched. The stand can also be elevated so if you want to use your tablet as a secondary display next to your monitor or laptop, you can adjust it to your preference.
Junfire Protective Case
If you’re looking for an all-in-one stand and case for your Galaxy Tab S9, then Junfire’s case could be it. It’s designed for the larger Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra model and features a rugged design to help protect your tablet, but on the back there is a stand that lets you prop the tablet up if you want to video videos or read. The stand can also swivel so if you want to hold the tablet up in landscape or portrait mode, you have that option. Additional features include a hand strap so you can hold the tablet more securely, and there’s even a stylus holder to keep your S Pen so that you won’t lose it.
UAG Designed for Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra Case
If you’re looking for another rugged case to protect your Galaxy Tab S9, UAG is a pretty well-known brand when it comes to creating rugged mobile accessories. This case comes with a built-in kickstand with multiple angles so you can always adjust the level you want to view your tablet at. There is also a little pocket to keep your S Pen so you don’t lose it, and as expected from UAG, the case has been designed with MIL-STD810G specifications that protects it against bumps and drops, while also maintaining a certain level of lightness.
Frunsi Drawing Tablet Stand
While the S Pen used to be exclusive to Samsung’s Galaxy Note series, the company has expanded its support to other devices like its tablets. This means that if you’re a creator that wants to be able to draw on the go, the Galaxy Tab S9 series is a pretty good choice. This is also why Frunsi’s drawing tablet stand could be the perfect companion. It is light, can be folded, and when in use, can also be adjusted at multiple angles so you can achieve drawing table-like ergonomics. Frunsi has also designed the stand with multiple gaps on the back to better dissipate heat generated by the tablet while it is in use. The stand also supports sizes from 12-inches up to 17-inches, so whether you opt for the base Galaxy Tab S9 model or the larger Ultra model, this will be a great fit.

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