DXOMARK Reveals some Interesting Scores for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5


For a lot of Android enthusiasts, smartphone performance benchmarks can either make or break a buyer’s purchase decision, and while we usually think of more expensive devices as having more impressive scores, that might not always be the case.

As such, DXOMARK recently unveiled its benchmark scores for Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip5, one of the company’s more premium-grade flagship foldables. More specifically, DXOMARK tested the Flip5’s display and camera qualities.

As far as scores go, the Galaxy Z Flip5 was able to get a score of 149 in DXOMARK’s display test, which praised the phone’s performance in terms of readability and touch, although the phone’s display score was affected by what DXOMARK refers to as its “Artifacts” attribute.

Testing yielded great readability in different lighting conditions, even under bright direct sunlight. The Z Flip5’s display was able to provide a wide gamut of saturated colors in most situations, and excelled in HDR10 content. It was also able to give smoother and more precise touch versus the S23 Ultra, although the scrolling experience was at times affected by the crease of the folding display.

As for camera performance, DXOMARK described the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is a great smartphone for landscape and still life photography, due to the handset’s great exposure and wide dynamic range. It also exhibited accurate white balance for daylight and indoor shooting, as well as fast and stable autofocus.

The tests showed some weaknesses though – the lack of a dedicated telephoto lens on the Z Flip5 resulted in less-impressive details with telephoto zoom, with noticeable noise in all tested scenarios, especially with outdoor situations. Video quality was impressive on the other hand, with effective stabilization and very capable autofocus performance.


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