Android will now alert you to unwanted trackers


Bluetooth trackers aren’t new and have been around for a while now, but ever since Apple’s AirTags burst onto the scene, they have gotten a lot more popular. We’ve come across various stories of how these trackers have helped people locate missing luggage, but we’ve also heard how they have been used for stalking and robberies.

The fact that they are relatively affordable makes it even more dangerous because it means that just about anyone can get their hands on them. Thankfully, Google is doing something about it as they have rolled out an update to Android which will now be able to alert users to unwanted trackers that might be traveling with them.

Apple already has their own system in place to detect rogue AirTags, but now with this update, Google is bringing a similar feature to Android which will cover AirTags, but hopefully they’ll expand it to cover other Bluetooth trackers in the future. There will also be a feature that lets you manually scan to see if a tracker has been placed on you, allowing users to be more proactive instead of waiting for the alert.

The update is being rolled out as we speak and will be available on both Pixel and Samsung devices, but hopefully we’ll see it made available to more Android phones in the future as well.

Source: 9to5Google

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