Oppo is officially China’s largest smartphone maker


China is one of the most populous countries in the world, and over the years, the country has managed to elevate its economic position. So much so that China is now a market that many companies are trying to break into as it is an important one if a company is trying to grow its market.

That being said, in terms of smartphones, it looks like foreign companies have a lot of local competition to contend with, especially with the latest figures where it has been revealed that Oppo is now officially the number one smartphone maker in China. The Chinese company commands a whopping 18% overall share in China, and 10% of the global market, which in turn also makes them the fourth largest smartphone maker in the world.

According to the data from Canalys, Oppo held 31% of the China market during Q1 2023 alone. The company’s latest foldable phone, the Oppo Find N2 Flip, was credited as helping the company to achieve those figures, where the phone alone accounted for 15% of foldable smartphone sales in China.

This is impressive, especially when you consider that Samsung is more or less the leader and main driver of foldable phones in the market today. Many had previously pegged Xiaomi as a potential to take over the China market, but based on these numbers, it looks like Oppo has taken the lead.

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