Android’s Nearby Share now lets you send an entire folder


Google’s Nearby Share is a pretty useful feature if you’re trying to send files wirelessly to another Android device or to a computer. It works great for individual files, but what if you’re trying to send an entire folder?

We know that some of you might work with multiple files that you store in folders for better file organization, and the good news is that if you use Nearby Share frequently, you’ll be pleased to learn that Google has updated the feature where you can use it to send an entire folder.

This is according to Mishaal Rahman who shared the update on his X page. It is unclear when Google added this functionality, but he notes that it might have been spotted as early as May, but maybe rollout was limited back then and now Google is pushing out the feature to more users.

Sending an entire folder is pretty easy. All you need to do is go to the Files app on your Android phone, long-press on the folder that you want to send, and when it’s selected, just tap on the Nearby Share icon and you’re good to go. If you don’t see the feature available yet, there is a chance that it hasn’t reached your phone so give it a while and it should eventually become available.

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