Samsung’s foldables could surpass Galaxy Note sales this year


The concept of foldable phones is a pretty solid one, but the price on these phones means that even if you love the idea, spending close to $2,000 might be a tough pill to swallow, especially given how fast tech moves these days where your brand new phone will become old news in about a year’s time.

But it seems despite the hefty price tags, Samsung’s foldables are proving to be so popular to the point where the company believes that this year, the sales of its foldable phones will finally surpass that of their Galaxy Note series, which was discontinued in recent years. This is according to Samsung mobile chief, TM Roh, who spoke to CNET after the company’s Galaxy Unpacked event that was held in Seoul, South Korea recently.

“As we speak, they are almost on par, and the expectation [is] that with the Flip and Fold 5, we will be able to finally surpass that.”

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series was beloved by many who wanted a phone with stylus capabilities. It was also initially launched as a larger screen alternative when phone displays were still small-ish and also helped to coin the “phablet” term. But as our phone screens got larger, there was no longer a need for the Note series which ultimately led to its demise.

That being said, the sale of foldable phones still pale in comparison to regular phones, but Samsung’s efforts are definitely helping its popularity, although it remains to be seen if it can eventually catch up or if it will continue to remain as a somewhat niche product.

Source: CNET

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