Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 versus Motorola Razr+: Which one should you Get?


The battle for the foldable Android device market has only gotten more fierce in the past couple of years, and consumers now have a ton of different foldable handsets to choose from. In the case of the USA however there’s a bit of a limitation in terms of choices for consumers, and unless you’re shopping for one of the big brands like Samsung or Motorola, then you might be a bit short on selection.

Speaking of which, both manufacturers have each launched new compact foldables for 2023, packing a lot of the good stuff inside. The Motorola Razr+ and the Galaxy Z Flip5 are some of the best clamshell Android phones you can get right now, and while they’re similar in many ways, there are some key areas where one trumps the other. They’re also rather expensive, which begs the question of which one should you get? Let’s take a closer look.

Internal Hardware

Compared to the Moto Razr+, the Z Flip5 excels in some aspects such as processor performance – right off the bat, the  Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset inside the Flip5 trumps the older 8+ Gen 1 on Motorola’s flippable flagship. Qualcomm’s improvements towards power efficiency and overall speed are apparent with the 8 Gen 2, and it’s probably the Z Flip 5’s biggest trump card. The Flip5 also comes with the newer Adreno 740 GPU, versus the Adreno 730 on the Razr+.

The Razr+ does edge out the Flip5 in terms of RAM – the latter maxes out at 8GB of RAM alongside 512GB of internal storage, while Motorola’s entry gives users a whopping 12GB of RAM with the same storage configuration. With that being said however, the 8 Gen 2 is still a significant upgrade over its predecessor, should make the Galaxy Z Flip5 a tempting choice over the Moto Razr+.

Software and UI

Both devices run Android, but there are pretty big differences in their approach. The Moto Razr+ features a very clean version of Android 13, somewhat akin to what you’ll find on devices like the Google Pixel series or Nokia phones. There’s little bloatware to be found here, save for some special Motorola software features and apps.

On the other hand, the Galaxy Z Flip5 coats Android 13 with a heavy layer of One UI, which offers a lot more customizability to the user interface, although it does come with a ton of additional apps, some of which might seem redundant. With that being said, users who prefer some very in-depth personalization options will love what Samsung has to offer.

Display Quality

While Samsung phones typically have impressive display quality, the Moto Razr+ manages to out-perform the Z Flip5 in this regard. It’s no secret that Samsung has increased the Flip5’s outer display cover size to a larger 3.4-inch width, although the Razr+ still wins with a slightly larger 3.6-inch AMOLED display, which likewise features a higher resolution at 1056 x 1066 pixels, and a peak brightness of 1100 nits.

Likewise, the Razr+’s inner folding screen is slightly larger (6.9 inches versus 6.7), and while both phones come with a 1080 x 2640 pixel resolution, the Razr+ comes with a much higher maximum refresh rate of 165Hz and a higher 1400 nits of peak brightness.

Camera Hardware

It should be said that both devices feature 12MP main cameras coupled with an ultrawide lens (no telephoto action here) that measures 12MP for the Flip5, and 13MP on the Razr+. With that being said, Samsung’s approach to software-assisted mobile photography does outshine what the Razr+ is able to achieve, with better clarity and balance in terms of exposure.

The Razr+ does impress with its selfie camera however, which packs a 32MP sensor that outsizes the much smaller 10MP lens on the Z Flip5.

Battery Capacity

Battery is almost neck-and-neck. The Moto Razr+ packs a 3,800 mAh unit inside, with support for 30W wired and 5W wireless charging speeds. This slightly edges out the 3,700 mAh battery inside the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, which comes with slower 25W and 15W wired and wireless charging speeds, although it does support reverse wireless charging, albeit at a much slower 5W speed.

Final Thoughts

In a sense, you can’t go wrong with either device, although it’s worth noting that the Motorola Razr+ is a bit more affordable, going for $999 versus the Z Flip5’s $1,049 price tag (although you can get it for less with trade-in deals). Opting for the Razr+ gets you a capable screen setup, a cleaner version of Android, as well as a slightly larger battery.

With the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 though, you’re getting a newer and faster chipset, the added benefits of computational photography, and much more in-depth customization courtesy of One UI. It also helps if you’re coming from an older Z Flip model, in which case the Flip5 is an excellent upgrade by comparison.

Share us your thoughts on these two devices – which one will you go for? Let us know in the comments below!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5
The Galaxy Z Flip5 impresses with a powerful chipset, capable cameras, as well as Samsung's feature-packed software.

Motorola Razr+
The Motorola Razr+'s good-quality displays, large battery and straightforward approach to Android are a surefire treat for users looking at an alternative device.

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