Using your Samsung phone for work just got a lot easier


There is a reason why some companies insist on employees using phones that they have issued them for work. This is because we all use our phones differently and have different apps, which means that there is a chance that at least one device could be compromised, which in turn could lead to company secrets and confidential information being leaked or stolen.

With phones issued by companies, they can ensure that it has been secured, locked to prevent the downloading of apps, restricted to doing certain things, and more. The only problem is that sometimes company issued phones kind of suck, but that will change as far as Samsung’s devices are concerned.

Samsung and Microsoft have announced that they are teaming up to develop the industry’s first on-device mobile hardware-backed device attestation solution. That’s quite a mouthful, but basically it means that this system will allow a company’s IT admin to verify if a device’s security has been compromised.

This will allow companies to check if the phones they issued have been compromised, while also opening the door to BYOD programs where admins can check if an employee’s own phone has been compromised and if it’s secure enough to be used as a company phone. Of course, at the end of the day it’s up to companies to decide on their own policy as far as work phones are concerned, but this solution could potentially make it a lot more flexible.

Source: Samsung

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