Google Begins discontinuing Updates for Android KitKat


While we live in a time where smartphones can get prolonged support and usability by way of software updates, it stands to reason that nearly all software and hardware platforms have a finite lifespan. With that in mind, Google recently announced that it will be discontinuing updates for Android version 4.4, otherwise known as “Kitkat”.

The announcement was made via Google’s Android Developers blog. A statement from Sarat Tummala, Product Manager at Google Play services reads:

The Android KitKat (KK) platform was first released ~10 years ago and since then, we’ve introduced many innovative improvements and features for Android, which are unavailable on KK. As of July 2023, the active device count on KK is below 1% as more and more users update to the latest Android versions. Therefore, we are no longer supporting KK in future releases of Google Play services. KK devices will not receive versions of the Play Services APK beyond 23.30.99.

Android KitKat first arrived on the scene back in October of 2013, and brought some pretty significant improvements towards performance, allowing Android to run on devices with less-than-impressive hardware. It also came with the Kitkat logo design, drawn directly from the popular chocolate brand.

Currently in its 13th iteration, Google is expected to launch Android 14 just a couple of months from now. Android 14 is still in beta phase at the moment, and interested users can check out our guide on how to it on their devices.

Source: Google

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