Student ID support comes to Samsung Wallet


Our phones used to be supplementary devices, meaning that we still needed other things. Turn the clock back maybe 7-8 years ago, we would need to bring our wallets out with us because it would hold things like our IDs, loyalty cards, credit/debit cards, cash, and so on.

These days, a wallet doesn’t feel quite as necessary because thanks to mobile wallets and NFC technology, we can pay for items using our phones. In fact, now it seems that students in the US who own a Samsung phone and use Samsung Wallet won’t even need to bring their student IDs out with them anymore.

This is because Samsung has announced that student ID support is finally available for Samsung Wallet users in the US. According to Samsung’s announcement, 68 colleges, universities, and higher education institutions across the country will be able to store their student IDs in Samsung Wallet.

To ensure that students say who they say they are, Samsung will be partnering with Transact Campus to authenticate these IDs, which can then be used for things like unlocking dorm rooms and accessing academic buildings. In the past, we’ve already seen how some states already allow users to store their drivers licenses in their phones, so support for student IDs seems like a natural progression.

Source: Samsung

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